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Leftover tree stumps can be both safety hazards and an eyesore. Simply removing or grinding a stump can elevate the look of a yard and create more landscaping or property development options for a homeowner or property manager.

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Stump Removal Services

Stump Grinding

Of the different methods of stump removal grinding is usually the easiest and most cost effective. In addition to this it also causes less disturbance to your property than a complete stump removal would. If the location of the stump is going to be relandscaped or have another tree planted on it, grinding is usually your best option. The grindings from stumps make very good mulch and can be used in other parts of your property. 


Stump grinding requires access to the stump for our stump grinder. A 36 inch wide access is necessary in any fence or wall.

Cost of Stump Grinding

There are several factors that go into the cost of getting a stump ground. These include the size, species, location and accessibility of the stump as well as the depth the stump needs to be taken below ground level. The price will also vary depending on if the customer wants to keep the grindings for mulch or if we will be hauling them away.

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Stump Removal Services

Complete Stump Removal

Complete stump removal is the best option if the location of the stump being removed is going to be used for something structural such as a deck, sidewalk, driveway, or building. In this process we will completely dig out the stump and fill the cavity with whatever material is best suited for your future use. This prevents future settling of the ground that can result in damage to whatever has been constructed on the location of the stump. 


Stumps are usually large and bulky, requiring a large piece of equipment to dig them out and remove them. Along with larger equipment comes a need for a larger access point. For larger stumps a 6 ft wide access point is usually needed to get our equipment to the stump.

Cost of Complete Stump Removal

The cost of digging your stump out will vary depending on size, species, location and accessibility. It will also vary depending on what material will be used to backfill the hole after the stump is gone. Usually complete stump removal is a more expensive option than stump grinding.

Chemical Treating a Root System

Before a stump is ground or removed, sometimes it is necessary to treat the tree’s root system to prevent it from sprouting up in unwanted places on your property. With some species of trees (eg. Aspen) if a stump is removed before the root system is treated it can become very difficult and expensive to kill the spreading roots that cause suckers to sprout up all over in your lawn and landscaping. This can result in a frustrating process that can easily be avoided. 

We will send our experts out to inspect your stump and work with you to come up the best plan for your stump removal needs. Contact us for a free inspection and quote.

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