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Although we prefer tree preservation to removal, there are often situations where removal is really the only feasible option. We have experts on staff to help determine the appropriate course of action.

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Tree Removal Services

Does Your Tree Need to be Removed?

If your tree seems like a fall risk, there are many factors to consider. By taking note of the whole tree, the ground, the trunk, and the crown of the tree you may be able to decipher if your tree is dangerous or a natural occurrence that’s not a threat to anyone’s safety.

As you’re inspecting your tree, watch for these signs that indicate a potential risk:

Your Tree is Leaning

If the leaning is sudden, it indicates potential breakage of the root system, which likely means the tree is a danger. Sometimes cracks can be seen in the soil around the tree resulting from the root ball shifting inside of the ground. In other situations, whether your tree is leaning due to growing incorrectly or being disease-riddled is a diagnosis that our professionals can accurately make.

Your Tree’s Roots Are Visibly Damaged or Decaying

Trees can survive damage to their roots to an extent. Some procedures can be taken to get the tree nutrients it needs, through soaking or aerating the soil, mulching, or cabling the tree. However, in some cases, the damage may have gone too far. Our arborists will discuss everything with you, and we’ll help you make the most informed decisions for your tree service.

Your Tree Has Extensive Cracks, Crevices, and Cavities in the Trunk

Trees can accidentally incur damage by people or nature – some common occurrences come from construction equipment, lawnmowers, storms, or fires. When cracks or cavities penetrate the bark, this damages a crucial layer of the tree. This layer allows for water and nutrients to disperse. If more than 25% of the bark has damage, it will likely need professional removal.

Your Tree Has Dead or Hanging Branches in the Upper Crown

While this could just require trimming of branches that may fall, it may also indicate a risk that the tree is unhealthy. Our arborists will inspect the tree to determine if it’s beyond saving or if there are crown density reductions that will keep the tree healthy without posing a threat.

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Tree Removal Services

Other Tree Removal Safety Hazards

While the above instances are typical reasons for tree removal service, there are other situations you should be on the lookout for:

Your Tree is Located Near Power Lines

As you may already be concerned about, if your tree is near power lines, there is the potential for branches or the entire tree to fall on the lines, creating a dangerous hazard.

Your Tree is Located Within Falling Distance of Your House

Naturally, the last thing you need to worry about is a tree falling on your house, or a branch crashing through a window during a storm.

Your Tree is Obstructing the Road and the View of Drivers

Sometimes when trees don’t receive maintenance, they can block signs, people or animals beginning to cross, or other vehicles coming near. Our professionals can take care of this hazard.

Want to Know How Much Tree Removal Will Cost?

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Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal Pricing

It’s difficult to provide a clear cost for every job, as there are many factors taken into consideration when pricing a tree removal service. No two trees or jobs are the same, our professionals will conduct a thorough assessment and provide you with the options available and transparent pricing upfront so you can make an informed decision. Some of the main things we look at include:

Location and Accessibility

If the tree is at a safe location away from houses or other obstacles, your costs will likely be less than if there are risks for damages occurring during removal. The more complicated accessibility is, the more specialized techniques and equipment are needed to avoid potential liabilities.

Tree Height and Size

The height and diameter of the tree play strongly in pricing factors. For example, if the tree is very tall it will require more steps to take down piece by piece. Or, if you’re having a stump ground, a thicker tree will likely cost more than a slim tree and trunk.

Client Specifications

There are many custom options clients can choose from varying from completel haul off to complete customer clean up. Another preference that clients have could be stump grinding rather than stump removal. These different choices come with variable pricing, which we’re happy to discuss before services begin.

Equipment Needs

Similar to how accessible the tree is, the different equipment used requires various skills and certifications. One example is crane usage versus a more traditional method of removal – the crane is a large undertaking requiring special knowledge, but it’s far more efficient.

Safety and Risk

Has the tree been carrying disease for some time that is liable to fall or lose heavy branches at any moment? These are important questions that we must consider before acting.

Time and Crew Required

If you’re looking for lot clearing, you’ll want to think about how dense the lot is and how many acres of coverage you need. Another situation could be that more crew members must tend to a tree on a sloped lawn with muddy soil to avoid any accidental sliding and injury fallout.

While we may not be able to specify every scenario for pricing considerations, you can rest assured that working with our team will provide you with honest cost estimates. And our professionals have the skills to finish the job efficiently and safely.

Be Careful with Low-Cost Tree Removal Companies

It’s risky to trust just anyone with climbing gear and a chainsaw who says they remove trees. You should look for a reputable company that understands tree health. Improperly trimming and pruning can permanently damage trees, causing complex problems down the line that will ultimately cost you more. In addition, hiring someone without the proper training and equipment can result in serious damage to property or the worker.

Methods of Tree Removal

Climbing and Rigging

When trees requiring removal are located in hard to access areas it is necessary that they be climbed and taken down by our professional climbers. This process involves cutting the tree into small pieces and carefully lowering them down to prevent damage to whatever is below. 

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

Using a crane to take away portions of a tree at a time is the most effective removal process. Not only does it reduce the time spent removing the tree, but it is safer to use in most situations and also leaves no impact on the surroundings. The tree no longer must fall before cutting and moving sections away – instead, our team will lift sections vertically up and away to a designated drop zone


Laying a tree down whole before cutting it up and hauling it away is usually the most affordable and safest method of removal. Unfortunately for this to be possible a lot of space is necessary. 

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